StarLife Tours is a live entertainment company. The Company's global business operations consist of the promotion of live events, including ticketing, sponsorship, merchandising, advertising, and brand development. The Company operates through five core business segments: Concerts, Ticketing, merchandising, corporate sponsorship & branding. The Company connects approximately 20 million fans across its multimedia platforms in over 45 states worldwide. The Company is a producer of live music concerts around the world that attracts approximately 50 million fans to over 13,000 live events for approximately 3,900 independent artists and labels. The Concerts segment is involved in the global promotion of live music events. The Ticketing segment is primarily an agency business that sells tickets for events. The Wealth Nation segment is a provider of management services and brand development services to thousands of independent music artists. The Sponsorship & branding segment, through a sales force, creates and maintains relationships with sponsors to allow businesses to reach customers and artists to reach their desired fan base nationwide.

The premier live events and tour promotion company for independent artists and their labels to create and develop touring opportunities for national branding, merchandising, sales revenue, marketing, promotions, and long lasting artist and fan relationships. We provide the platform and gateway for independent artists to have their own touring machinery, and support infrastructure necessary to build a substantial loyal fan base in today’s ultra competitive marketplace. Our team of experienced industry professionals is committed to the ultimate success and brand viability that is the result of successfully connecting artists, labels, venues, sponsors, tastemakers, influencers, and music supporters worldwide.